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Current OpenWrt setup

Just flashed OpenWRT Backfire10.03.1-rc4. Flashing via mtd did not work – most likely PEBKAC – so I made some use of WIFI tethering on the trusty Android phone and installed tftp. Five minutes later, I’m back up and running. Neat. Coming from Kamikaze, one of the more notable changes would be the switch to a 2.6

kernel for the WRT54Gs. Now, what do I do with this small box now that its doing basic routing?

Statistics and Graphs

To get some graphs in the Luci web interface, install luci-app-statistics. Unfortunately, this seems to need a lot of space in the flash file system. This plugin depends on collectd, hence the disk space requirements. I have no clue how to get this working: I see the config option, but I’m not seeing any graphs. Perhaps I need to wait for a cron job to run? Removing it again so I can actually install other stuff…


Quality of Service / Traffic Shaping

luci-app-qos: configure traffic shaping/QoS to make sure your SSH and XMPP don’t suffer when doing bulk file transfers over HTTP. Configuration is under Essentials -> Network -> QoS. Took me a while to find that.

The only thing you need to configure is the speed of your internet connection. If you go use a service like you might find that your speed is way too low. In my case, I had accidentally enabled QoS in the init script settings with the default setting of 1MBit/s download speed, which obviously is too slow. So, disable QoS and measure again. Then plug the numbers into the QoS config.

Since it’s saturday night, I’m not getting good numbers, so let’s postphone this..

SSL support for the web interface

luci-ssl: SSL support for luci. For some reason, my router rebooted after installing this. However, luci is now available over HTTPS. Neat! If you want to disable regular HTTP access, drop to a shell and execute „uci delete uhttpd.main.listen_http && uci commit“. Apparently, this is not yet possible within Luci itself.

Dynamic DNS

    luci-ddns: dynamic dns support, will update your account on and friends. Seems to work!

    Keeping time current

    luci-app-ntpc: keep the time on your OpenWRT device in sync with NTP servers. Configuration will show up in System -> Time Synchronisation. Seems to work.

      Also see the OpenWRT wiki for more Luci goodness.


      • in Luci, first hit „Update package lists“ under „System -> Software“ to get a list of packages other than those already installed.
      • if you’ve installed a new module and it doesn’t show up, `rm /tmp/luci-indexcache` in a shell on the device and reload the web interface in your browser.
      • occasionally, luci/firefox will choke when you navigate away from a loading page. This manifests as an error message about broken XML in the browser. Usually, the new page will load anyways.
      • Do not remove luci-theme-openwrt.

      Okay, so I upgraded from OpenWRT Kamikaze to Backfire10.03.1-rc4 and I’m not that happy. The router has rebooted spontaneously about four or five times by now while I was using Luci. This might be related to the increased load when using the web interface, who knows.

      In any case, it shouldn’t be happening at all. Other things, like the fact that newly installed packages not showing up in the Luci menu, or the extremely slow web interface, certainly don’t make for a good impression.

      However, this is OpenWrt: it’s not bad. From prior experience, I expect the base of the system to be in good shape. So, ignoring the web interface, I’ll just leave this box running and hope it’ll continue to work as unobtrusively as before on Kamikaze. This optimism is mainly motivated by the fact that I’m too lazy to go back to Kamikaze and configure everything again. I haven’t even tried WLAN yet..

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