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Free disk space monitoring: munin & MythTV

Sometimes, the root file system on my MythTV box gets full. This causes all kinds of fail, including the inability to watch TV.

I wanted to set up some monitoring. I already have munin set up, so why not let munin tell me when things get critical? Regarding the general notification setup, we have two nice documents: one by Jason and the official munin documentation, which also explains how to fire scripts instead of emails. Go read both.

Two possible ways of providing notifications come to mind:  via the OSD on the TV or via email.

As for the OSD, I’d use the MythMessage interface which will give me a nice remote-controllable popup. Unfortunately, I ran into bug 10815 while setting up the notifications via mythutil –message. As an alternative, we can use MythMessage via the remote control interface like this:

echo "message low disk space on / " | nc localhost 6546

There is also the possibility to invoke MythMessage over the Services interface, but I have not tried that.

With the whole OSD thing, there is also the question if you really want a pop-up on the TV while you’re cuddled up with the girlfriend. That’s why I might prefer email notifications, but I do not have an MTA set up on the MythTV box, so there’s that. I’m a bit lazy in a bit of an regeneration cycle right now, so I will just go back on the couch and come back to this post the next time the disk fills up again.

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