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MythTV, VDPAU, Studio Levels and the Philips 42PFL7406

I haven’t touched my calibration settings in a while. I finally got sufficiently bored again, so here we go. The basic problem was to get adequate black levels throughout the pipeline; several knobs can be tweaked for that. I have now settled for the following: VGA card is configured to output limited RGB space (16-235), the VDPAU studio filter is off and the PC mode on the TV set is off. This theoretically causes some quality degradation as the (my theory) video decoder expands the RGB range while the nvidia driver re-compresses it, but meh. Settings on the TV set are now: brightness 64, contrast 80, color 50. On the APL clipping test video, I can’t get any bars beyond 18 or 233 to show up, which is not perfect but usable. I might have to revisit this in the future…

As for color: red is way over-saturated in „warm“ mode, clipping way too early. I have been unable to adjust this on the TV set itself. The graphics driver itself provides better adjustment knobs with the nvidia-settings utility. I set brightness for the red channel to -0.15; the result is nicely differentiated shades of red in the color clipping pattern. Be aware, though, that you need to set the VDPAU_NVIDIA_NO_OVERLAY=1 environment variable for the settings to work in VDPAU playback.

edit: Turns out I get tearing with overlay disabled. I’m a sad Panda and using XV for video rendering again. (As a side note, I apparently had limited RGB output enabled the whole time in my Xorg.conf; not sure if it stuck as nvidia-settings was not picking it up)

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